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The Works

Our structure consists of four main pillars that frequently overlap and interact in creative and enterprising ways to fulfill our mission:


  • The Picture Works  – creates inspiring television, film and video and supports the Vision Works marketing  communication and brand imaging efforts.

  • The Sound Works –  produces original music works as well as music for marketing, film and theatrical uses and provides audio support for the Vision Works fundraising events..

  • The Play Works – live event production from dramatic plays, to musical theater, to live music performances and fund raising events.

  • The Vision Works –  markets and promotes the works created by our other divisions, oversees our operations, manages our sustainability and development campaigns, monitors our effectiveness at achieving our goals and objectives and crafts our brand image.


To learn more about each of our pillars click on the name.  To help us create quality authentic entertainment click 'Donate" at the top of any page to help us bring inspiring, engaging entertainment to people everywhere..

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