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The Picture Works

Some of Our Programs

Here are a few of the projects The Picture Works

is currently producing

BLUES ALLEY - a web series of short documentaries relating the stories of the people and places that gave rise to blues music - and by extension American culture as we know it today!

DIY - MOVIE IN A MINUTE - a tutorial series t teaching businesses - specifically non- profits -  the basic skills and concepts of quality video production. Helping those organizations communicate and better engage their communities.

The Picture Works - is the visual entertainment pillar at AEWorks.  


From classic literary works adapted for contemporary audiences, to original stories created especially for us, the Picture Works is dedicated to producing authentic, engaging  entertainment and delivering it to our audiences, using new channels and emerging configurations helping assure the entertainment arts are accessible to everyone regardless of locale or socioeconomic status.


Creating  television and cinema that enriches, enlightens, educates and inspires is our mission. 

If you would like to get involved please click on the "Donate" at the top of any page or use the "Get In Touch" tab to send us a note.  We'd love to have your support

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