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The Vision Works


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Visit the places that put Memphis, and American Music on the map.


Sidewalk Museum is your personal museum guide to the people, places, and stories that created American culture as we know it today,


Hear the music that changed global society. See photos of what these important places and events in out development looked like back in the day - compare that to now.- all while standing in the footsteps of that history.


Sidewalk Museum comes complete with directions and a map of the area to make your experience simple - leaving you to enjoy the story.

New Exhibits Coming in 2020

Handy In Memphis

(A Walking Tour With the Stories and Songs That Put Memphis and American Music On the Map)

Experience Sidewalk Museum for yourself with this virtual tour of Tutwiler Station - in Tutwiler, Mississippi. Better yet... if you're in the area visit Tutwiler Station in person and take along Sidewalk Museum as your virtual tour guide. Believe us - it's worth the trip.

The Journey Begins

Tutwiler, Handy and the Yellow Dog Blues

Exhibit - 001

Or grab the QR code and take

Sidewalk Museum with you!

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Mailing LIst

The Vision Works – is home to innovative and unique projects. It's also home to our management/sustainability pillar at AEWorks.


Tasked with marketing and promoting  the works created by our other pillars, the Vision Works oversees our operations, crafting our brand image and monitoring our effectiveness at achieving our goals and objectives .

The Vision Works is also the center of our development and sustainability campaign., writing grants, creating fundraising events and and developing sponsorship opportunities.


If you would like to sponsor an AEWorks event please click on the "Get In Touch" tab above and send us a note.  We'd love to have your support

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